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Here we tell stories of our experiences on the field to help you understand how we work and how we can help you succeed in business. If you aspire to start any of the businesses listed in these cases, we hope these stories will help you get a sense of the real life challenges you may be up against - not to scare you, but so you brace yourself! It is always important to remember that success doesn't come cheap.

We would have loved to provide more details to enhance learning, but it is our policy never to mention clients’ names, or to provide details that may reveal their identity.

Success Story: The Business Side of Private Healthcare

The Business Side of Private Healthcare

Our client is a donor-funded private healthcare sector support project. Its mandate is to strengthen the capacity of private hospitals, clinics, maternity homes and pharmacies to deliver improved reproductive health services in six Nigerian states.

In 2007, the project discovered that, though its technical support was delivering improvements in the clinical aspects of healthcare, it was not enough to achieve stability and growth in these health facilities. They found that the facilities also required support in the areas of business management and access to finance.

Success Story: Boosting Access to Healthcare Through Health Insurance

Boosting Access to Healthcare Through Health Insurance

Our client is a public healthcare intervention project funded by a leading international donor agency. Their mandate is to partner with Federal and State governments, provider associations and other stakeholders in the healthcare value chain to improve the quality of healthcare available to Nigerians through public health facilities.

The Challenge

They wanted to enhance access to healthcare for the poor by giving them access to health insurance. They realized they needed someone with private sector experience to forge partnerships with providers of health insurance and develop a workable model.

Success Story: New Lease of Life for a Stone Quarry

A Stone Quarry Gets a New Lease of Life

Our client established a stone quarry in 2010 to take advantage of the looming supply gap of stones in the building and constructions sector. The quarry was strategically situated in Akamkpa, Cross River State to take advantage of the ample granite reserves in the area.

For a quarry to operate efficiently and profitably it must have, at the very minimum, a fully functional crushing plant, adequate blasting and earth moving equipment and a suitable fleet of logistics vehicles.

A New Toll Road for Akamkpa Community…Well, Almost!

A New Toll Road for Akamkpa Community…Well, Almost!

Our client, a seasoned Nigerian investment company wanted to build a network of toll roads to serve the companies and people of Akamkpa in Cross River State. The company commenced negotiations for a 25-year concession agreement with the state government to build and toll this network of roads traversing the community.

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